iPhoto SIG – May 20, 2011

Apple Classroom SIG iPhoto for May 20, 2011

(Right Click or Control Click to download):https://appleusersdropin.com/acsig/acsig-20110520/acsig-20110520-desktop.m4v (584 MB)

https://appleusersdropin.com/acsig/acsig-20110520/acsig-20110520-iPhone.m4v (443 MB)

[stream provider=video flv=x:/www.macusersdropin.com/acsig/acsig-20110520/acsig-20110520-iPhone.m4v img=x:/www.macusersdropin.com/acsig/acsig-20110520/acsig-20110520-poster.jpg hd=x:/www.macusersdropin.com/acsig/acsig-20110520/acsig-20110520-desktop.m4v mp4=x:/www.macusersdropin.com/acsig/acsig-20110520/acsig-20110520-iPhone-cell.3gp embed=true share=true width=600 height=360 dock=true controlbar=bottom logo=x:/www.thevillagesmug.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/tvmug_podcast-50x50.png bandwidth=high title=Apple Classroom SIG iPhoto May 20, 2011 autostart=false /]


Mouse over the video to display the controller. Use the full screen and HD options to see everything clearer. The video may stop and start if your internet connection is not fast enough, especially using HD.


This meeting's recording was done with ScreenFlow by coping the screen.

More information is available on this post: iPhoto SIG - March 18, 2011



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